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This image was created for the Illustration Friday "Forgotten" topic. Each Friday a new topic/word is given on their web site { link } and it is up to all the artists to interpret it. Here is a little excerpt from the story I made up to go along with it...

He ran to the shore's edge and plopped himself down. Completely caught up in the excitement of the moment, he never realized that he had forgotten to bait the hooks. As he sat and dangled his feet off the edge of the world waiting for a bite, he pondered weather or not he really could make a fish fly. He stared at the fish, and they all stared right back, almost as confused as he. The worms on the other hand had no intention of waiting around for him to come to his senses. They lurched over the side of the rusty coffee can one by one and made a slithering run for less hostile grounds.

Sort of makes me want to go rig up a kite with a hook and try this out now...


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