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Gardener On Potato Island - | | - limited edition prints available in the store!


This image was for the Illustration Friday "Garden" topic. Each Friday a new topic/word is given on their web site { link } and it is up to all the artists to interpret it. Funny how a word can transport you back in time when you really start thinking about it. My mom used to let me grow potato plants in jars on our window sills as a kid (bless that wonderful woman, cause they start to stink after awhile). They grow pretty quickly so I used to get really excited to look at them each day when I got home from school to see the progress. Then at night my mind would wander beyond the science of things and imagine the little people that showed up during the day to water the vines while I was away at school.

So this was my solution and the final doodle from that thought.


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